The Firefox browser has been updated to version 95.0b6. This update to the Dev channel was released soon after November 8, when 95.0b4 was released.

Firefox Dev 95.0b6

Firefox didn’t report any changes in this beta build, nor did they update the bug list for beta 5. But we have included the various bugs that were fixed during beta 2, 3, and 4 below.

The changelog for Firefox Dev 95.0b2, 95.0b3, and 95.0b4:

  • Improve update_verify output
  • Crash in [@ xpc::JSXrayTraits::call]
  • bubbling & capturing event are in wrong order
  • Can’t log into because clicking the “Email the security code” link does nothing
  • Fission crash in [@ nsGlobalWindowInner::ThawInternal] | MOZ_DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERT(IsSuspended())
  • Pref on
  • Re-enable hunspell rlbox sandbox on 32 bit platforms
  • Perma dom/media/test/reftest/color_quads/ == dom/media/test/reftest/color_quads/720p.png | image comparison, max difference: 73, number of differing pixels: 5291
  • Make all popups on Linux have shadows.
  • Perma DevEdition TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | accessible/tests/mochitest/textattrs/test_general.html | Attribute ‘background-color’ has wrong value. Getting default text attributes for area1 – got “rgb(x,x,x)”, expected “rgb -when Gecko 95 => Beta on 2021-11-01
  • Perma TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | /css/css-contain/content-visibility/content-visibility-with-top-layer-XXX.tentative.html | expected FAIL/PASS when Gecko 95 merges to Beta on 2021-11-01
  • svg text elements not rendered when text-transform: uppercase is applied
  • Enable NV12 IOSurfaces by default.
  • Build failure on armhf linux with GCC 11
  • Crash in [@ _CreateWindowEx] from mscom::ProcessRuntime::ProcessRuntime
  • Notification popups open in the wrong corner of the screen
  • Context menu and other popups open 4px to the right
  • Consider to expose GPC preference to extensions within
  • Re-enable hunspell rlbox sandbox on 32 bit platforms
  • Changing search engine keyword to an already used keyword and then selecting another search engine makes Firefox unresponsive
  • After changing the caret position by clicking/typing, it stops blinking sooner than expected

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