The Firefox browser has been updated to version 93.0b9. This update to the Dev/Beta channels was released on September 28, 2021.

Firefox 93.0b9

Firefox Dev 93.0b9, which is the last release of this cycle, brings eight bug fixes. With this final release, Firefox developers are now happy for the product of these Beta builds to finally be available from the Release channel.

The changelog provided by Firefox:

  • registerProtocolHandler notification should provide a “don’t ask me again” button
  • Crash in [@ core::result::unwrap_failed | audioipc_client::stream::{{impl}}::process]
  • Allow security.tls.enable_0rtt_data to be set via Preferences policy
  • Limited range AVIF images with color_description_present_flag false incorrectly treated as full-range
  • Intermittent /modules/test/browser/browser_UsageTelemetry_interaction.js | Expected to see the correct value for bookmark-item in bookmarks_bar. – “undefined” == 1 – JS frame :: /browser/modules/test/browser/browser_UsageTelemetry_interaction.js :: assert
  • Intermittent devtools/client/responsive/test/browser/browser_window_close.js | Test timed out – | Found a browser window | Uncaught exception received from previously timed out test
  • Improve firstrun experience for distributions with huge numbers of extensions (i.e., langpacks)
  • Add an intervention to auto-hide mailto handler prompts on Office365

Further information regarding these bugs is available here: Bug ID: 1730518, 1731825, 668577, 1731404, 1732131, 1726214, 1707582, 1688445.

The Firefox browser will automatically update itself in the background when it’s closed. If the browser is open and you want to update it, you can navigate to the Settings > Help > About Firefox, and then the browser will automatically check for any new updates.

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