The Firefox browser has been updated to version 97.0b5. This update to Dev channel was released on Junary 20, 2022.

Firefox 97.0b5

Firefox 97.0b5 comes with eight bug fixes. They are listed below:

  • Set be_conservative flag by default in GeckoWebExecutor
  • Video elements with flipped x-axis are turned upside down (user video on and similar)
  • [Intermittent] The Data Collection option is re-enabled after previously disabling it when opting-in in the experiment
  • The text from the first “Firefox Suggest” modal is wrongly read by a screen reader software even if the second part of the modal is displayed
  • The Firefox Suggest opt-in modal should not be shown on top of about:welcome
  • Renaming bookmark doesn’t change the name (have to re-search the keyword to see the change)
  • Plain text tokenized as HTML upon encoding rewind
  • Crash in [@ wr_moz2d_render_cb]

The Firefox browser will automatically update itself in the background when it’s closed. If the browser is open and you want to update it, you can navigate to the Settings > Help > About Firefox, and then the browser will automatically check for any new updates.

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