Same song, different words on the screen as Apple unleashes its latest TV advertisement promoting the iPad.

The theme in this new iPad ad is Hollywood, and for this reason, it made perfect sense to let it out of the bag at the Oscars in Hollywood the other evening, which they did.

The Oscars is a great place for Apple to advertise the iPad or any other iDevice for that matter — mainly because technology is widely used (understandably) in the entertainment industry — especially when you stop and think about the computers that are used for editing and all other things alike which get used as actual production devices.

Now with the world trending much more mobile and away from the traditional desktop PC, no doubt people in the industry could be seen floating around a set or two with the iPad under the arm for some purpose.

The new iPad ad itself is nothing flashy. In fact, if you didn’t play close attention it would be hard to even notice the difference between this advert and the last week.

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