By now you should all be well and truly hooked up with the latest on Apple’s new iPad Air. The Air is the new device in the iPad range. Yes, there were others released today, but they were just another generation on top of the last. If you are not in the know you can hit up this link that has the entire breakdown of the event, plus all you need to know on the iPad Air.

Sometimes the fruit company can take it’s time when releasing advertisements. However, for this time that wouldn’t have made much sense. After its launch today, Apple will release the Air in quick succession to its launch, well before Christmas and possibly as soon as November the 1st. As such, they have released the first ever ads for the new tablet that was named after being so slim and lightweight.

Rather than the public dwelling of the lack of features we are seeing to surprise us, Apple is emphasizing their current achievements, labeling it as much as a paradox in this ad, while he talks about how amazing it is to have a smaller device that packs in more power.

From that perspective, it’s quite comical to watch the clip. Sure, it is an achievement to create such a “paradox”, but it is also widely regarded as a standard advancement that we should be seeing as time goes on naturally.

You can watch the first iPad Air TV commercial below:

Other iPad Air commercials that have been released by Apple:

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