One of my personal favorite apps to open is the stock app that comes funnily enough as “stock standard” on the iPhone. There’s something about checking out the figures and trends that I find addictive, even if I’m not involved in them anyway what-so-ever.

That brings me to my next point: Watching the stock last week, Google rose to unheralded heights. Normally they are somewhere between the 800 and 900 range, but last week had them cruising well over 1,000. That’s also where it still sits today.

I’m not much of a stock expert, but to me that says a lot of people are buying in on something that has seen no change. As an avid Google blogger, I follow them closely, and as far as I can tell, this bump up in price came completely out of nowhere.

That’s also what makes this next bit, even funnier: Today, after Apple’s event, the fruit company’s stock proceeded to drop downwards and not up. It was also a minor spiral that definitely had to do with the new range of products. Their shares dropped down 0.17% on the day so far. Could it be that investors didn’t like what they saw out of Cupertino today?

I’m not sure Apple fans were expecting much more out of this afternoon than what we saw. At the end of the day it was a small surprise to see the new iPad Air at all. It would seem investors feel otherwise. What is your take on the situation?