Stepping out of what many consider the necessities in tech such as mobile, it’s important to remember that Apple also has a soft spot for the entertainment side of things too. We commonly see a bunch of updates coming at the same time, and yesterday was one of those days for the fruit company. Today they have also issued a software update for the Apple TV with the build number of 11B511d for iOS 6.0.1.

Even though it’s hard to consider TV anything other than for fun, it is looking like being the focal point for one of Apple’s biggest competitors in Google. Yesterday, the Korean media stated that the next Android software was going to be focused solely on improving the Google TV experience — possibly integrating apps and abilities between the Smartphones and the screens more. With that news you can bet that Apple have now decided it’s time to kick their screens into gear. It’s important to remember, what may seem like fun for the consumers, is still very much in the business end of things for the companies that produce the goods.

This update is free to download for everybody via the software update feature that comes built into the Apple TV. It’s a far cry from the update we saw the last month in September, which brought along some new features with it like an iTunes radio and AirPlay from the cloud.

From all reports of those who have had a flick through already after upgrading the build, there isn’t many new things to check out. Most likely it is just an improvement over the last about how it works, much like you would expect to see from an iOS 6.0.1 if it were for your iPhone.

The way things are shaping up, it’s looking like it could be a real television show down in 2014 if indeed it is true that Google’s Kit Kat will be more “box” orientated”. It’s certainly possible Apple already knows this, and that’s why we didn’t see any significant upgrade this year to their hardware.

If you would prefer to download yours manually, here are the links: