Apple’s special event, which we all knew was penciled in for October 22, has now been and gone. Much like we anticipated, the Cupertino company did release the new generation of iPad’s: the iPad Air and retina display iPad mini. There were also a few surprises the fruit company had up their sleeves for us which we didn’t know about: new software called iLife and iWork, plus launches of the new MacBook pro and the all new Mac pro.

Not to be outdone, they first kicked off the showcase with the all new OS X mavericks which is seen more on here.

In usual Apple fashion, they didn’t show the event live online for everyone to watch. Why they were so secretive is anyone’s guess, but if it’s any consolation, they did manage to post the event in its entirety online after it’s finished. To watch that yourself, you will need the QuickTime player and then to hit up the link at the bottom of this post.

OS X mavericks are the new Apple software for this year. As Americans there are two common ways this word is still used to this day: The NBA basketball franchise and the surf break in northern California, a short distance outside of Pillar Point. Funnily enough, it is the surfing picture that Apple are using in the background of the new software. It could be cool, or it could be used as a metaphor: the surf break is widely regarded as one of the biggest and best places in the world, and certainly inside of the United States.

The Mac Book Pro — built for creativity — will need people to come up with creative ways to find a way to own this big time $2999 laptop. The Pro was unveiled back at the WWDC earlier this year, so there isn’t much new to announce here.

Following the same water them, next the Retina Mac book Pro was announced. It’s background features fish circling around in the water with the camera looking from under the ocean out. The new laptop will be 13 inches in size and much lighter and thinner compared to what we have seen before. There isn’t much else to say about this one other than, like the iPhone 5S, it will have better chip: Haswell and Iris graphics.

The new software then took center stage. It too followed the surfing theme by showing surfboards in the background. Inside it you will have all the goodness from GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto put together all in a free bundle when you buy any of the hardware listed above.

In typical fruit company fashion, Apple saved the best for last. The two things everyone was waiting and expecting to see were the iPad’s. OS X Mavericks was unveiled the iPad Air. We had heard rumors that they had something thin coming and this was it. It was also the reason they called it Air, because there’s not much else between it. The Air was also gifted the 64-bit processor A7 chip that is doing the rounds. Combine that with a super slim outer body and again, you don’t have any new fantastic features, but it still should sell nicely. The Air will cost $499.

The iPad Mini was the other iPad and it does have a neat upgrade in store coming to us via the screen that is now equipped with the new Retina display. It looks better than the old one. The Mini will cost $399.

These iPad’s will be made available sooner than later. Current estimations are the beginning of November.

To watch a replay of the event streamed you can click here.