Apple has now released iTunes 11.1.2 with integrated support for OS X mavericks that is available to downloaded now.

It’s looking like being one of those big Apple days. They are probably the best metaphor going around in tech for once it rains it pours. They love to bring out a host of things all at once. For the most part that does make sense, because many of them are intertwined within each other and thus being the reason they do it.

Mavericks, apart from being one of the best big wave locations on the West Coast of California, are also Apple’s latest version of the operating system for Mac’s. It too has just been launched today to go along with this iTunes update which it will now be compatible for. We’ll post some more on that shortly in its own dedicated post. For now, though, it’s all about this latest iteration of iTunes.

Apart from the OS, there is also a range of bug fixes and even better performance than the last time around in general. Expect looks to stay much the same, but a focal point of those three things just mentioned.

Simply put, if you own a Mac of any description and use iTunes as a media player or for that matter, as a place for your music, then you will need to update it now to this version for it to work if you have updated to the Mavericks.

Much like firmware, the iTunes 11.1.2 will roll out to everybody over the air. This has just begun about 10 hours ago and will continue to do so until it is finished. Unlike firmware, however, the fruit companies roll out’s aren’t expected to take anywhere near as long overall, so it isn’t weeks before you see yours, but rather a matter of days at the most.