One month ago today, the Cupertino company launched the new flagship Apple handset for the year 2013: the iPhone 5S.

Even though if you were to glance around the web and read lots of negative reviews, the 5S still managed to record the strongest sales figures Apple has ever seen. Now, one month on from the original mayhem, the waiting period associated with delving into one of the more finer phones in life has decreased dramatically, but is still there. Current estimations sit at around a 2 week shipment waiting period.

It seems this slow down period is at a time that Apple have decided to target advertising. Today they released the first ever advertisement issues for U.S television on the 5S device.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the fruit company hasn’t advertised at all, because that would be drastically fabricated, but for an actual proper TV commercial, there has not been one of its kind of yet.

If sitting in front of your TV sets waiting for it doesn’t appeal to you, then you might be interested in keeping a close eye on the Apple YouTube channel, where they are renowned for posting these ads a short time after their release so that people can see them for free. That might sound a little odd, but there is no harm in the videos getting more views from Apple’s point of view.

It’s a change from last years one’s that had a very distinct feel to them. Now there is just a familiar song that we all have heard before.

The gold version of the 5S was by-far-and-away the most popular out of the bunch, and it is also the color made to feature in this ad. The camera slow-mo pans across while the liquid gold hardens into the eventual mobile product, with a point of emphasis put on the ring surrounding the new fingerprint sensor around the home button.