We are constantly bombarded with lots of talk about future trends and what we might be witnessing in the years to come; 3D holograms popping out of screens. iPad’s as hubs around the home that let you control everything via apps all from your seat. However, sometimes we need a reality check to see how vulnerable we are. Even the biggest companies we have, such as tech giants Apple struggle to deliver us firmware that doesn’t have any loopholes in it, or that doesn’t come with any faults. It is to almost be considered the norm that we will have issues that need fixing via updates after every release. This is still very much the technological world we live in.

One of the issues that was found in the latest iOS 7 build was making calls didn’t come as clear and crisp as hoped; something you’d expect to just not be there. However, it did manage to creep its way into the system.

The good news is that with every problem we have a keen group of developers are on the hunt to fix them. Lucky for us the fix is now in for this particular call quality problem too.

1. Go to settings

2. Then hit the general option.

3. Follow the screen until you see accessible

4. Click on hearing.

5. Inside here is the phone noise cancellation option.

6. Turn it off and back on again.

It’s not expected for the handset to needs resetting after this point. However, if there is still any unsolved hindering, by all means give it a try.