There’s been so much NSA talk lately, it’s not surprising so many people have become spooked by what they share online. There is certainly cause for privacy concerns.

If you haven’t yet wondered about how secure your iMessages are that you send, now might be a good time.

In the jailbreaking community, there’s a developer that goes by the name of Pod2G. He is one of the Evaders and is one of the best iOS security hackers. So good in fact, Apple even wanted to employ him and turn him against what he does. He said no thanks.

In regards to iMessage, Pod2g has come out today and stated that he is sure Apple can see all of your texts.

This goes against everything that we are told by Apple, who assure all of us that they cannot see the text messages at all. While that is nice to hear, as we grow older we also grow a little wiser, it wouldn’t be surprising to say the least if we are being told a little fib here by the fruit company. Pod2G sure thinks so.

The popular hacker explains that anybody with the right amount of knowledge definitely has the ability to read any message that is sent from an iPhone or iPad. They could even alter the message that somebody is sending so that the receiver see’s what they wrote.

At the end of the day, it’s safe to say that Apple are not sitting there with a billion messages flowing through a mass of screen and reading all of our texts. However, what it is saying is that if they wanted to, they for sure could.

Don’t believe it? You don’t have to even take his word for it, he’ll actually show you how it’s done in the video we have posted below.

This neat hack was originally shown as one of his recent shows in Malaysia. These shows can often be quite pricey, but the idea behind them is to teach us regular folk a bit about the ways of iOS security and how we can find exploits. Showing this off makes the ticket price justified.