On the 4th of January, world renowned iOS hacker Pod2g took to Twitter to start a “we want an open iOS” hashtag trending Twitter in a bid to get Apple attention. During his set of tweets, he told the world that he predicts Apple will open iOS this year during 2013. With a lot of his friends already packing up and leaving Apple, and heading for Android, he stated Apple would have to react.

It sounds legit enough until you take a look at Apple’s actual iPhone figures that were released just a few days ago. The records show that Apple still has a firm grasp of the market share, winning the Q4 of 2012. On top of that, the records show the exact opposite to what Pod2g was stating, and that is, Android users are jumping ship over to the iPhone according to the report.

“the proportion of Android users moving towards the Apple brand increases. 19% of iOS sales over the last year were derived from Android users, compared to 9% in 2011,”

While Pod2g’s tweets may have seemed somewhat promising, by the looks of the Apple Q4 records, the future is anything but for the jailbreaking community. So much so in fact, you have to wonder if Pod2g meant what he said, and wasn’t just a desperate attempt at getting Apple attention to trying and open iOS because of his well-documented struggles to come up with a Jailbreak lately.

Apple’s Q4 earnings report also was released around the same time popular site Mashable broke the news that unlocking cell phones could become illegal in a few days.

That’s it.

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