In an interesting time in American revolution with conspiracy theorists reigning supreme, the iOS hackers world have decided to create their own drama filled a week.

With what started as a verbal altercation over Twitter between Pod2g and Stefan Esser where Stefan had a go at Pod2G over this remark by Stefan. “It matters when people claim everywhere that they are freedom fighters doing it only for freedom and collecting money all the time.”

The remark came after Pod2G had announced significant progress in the Jailbreaking news about the iOS6 Jailbreak only a day before Pod2g announced the promotion of the HIT2013AMS event. The verbal altercation didn’t stop there by Stefan either, further stating “Actually it is a repeating pattern. At some point, hope is raised in people by comments/pictures/videos, and then donations are asked for.”

Pod2g replied with “That could look like it, but it is not the case. It is just that#HITB2013AMS is now three months away. I always promote this event.”

Then only days after it had all boiled over Pod2g has announced a new hackers group called the “evad3rs” which consists of popular hackers, planet being, muscle nerd, prims keks as well as himself. Interestingly enough he then went on to say “We (+ @MuscleNerd @planetbeing @pimskeks) are the @evad3rs. We don’t take any donations ATM, please don’t be fooled at donating to others.”

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