Up until now, we haven’t included any Apple TV Jailbreaks, only iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. However we thought it was time to show the Apple TV some love, so if you do own Apple TV and are looking to jailbreak, we have some good news. You can untethered jailbreak Apple TV 2G already on iOS 5.0.1. This particular jailbreak was released around mid-year using the updated Seas0nPass 9B206F firmware.

The problem with this news when it broke was because it does not require any new tutorial, no sites bothered providing it. Instead, they just reported that it was possible to do. So if you are actually looking for the guide on this, you can find it directly below.

How to Untether Jailbreak Apple TV 2G on iOS 5.0.1 with Seas0nPass

Step 1. First, you must download the latest Seas0nPass for Mac or Windows making sure you download the right one for your respective computer.

Step 2. Now you must create a custom IPSW. To do this click on the “Create IPSW” option to begin.

Step 3. Please wait while Apple TV downloads the latest firmware. Once done, Seas0nPass will take over and create a custom file for the jailbreak. You will know when the process is finished because it will prompt you to connect your Apple TV to the computer.
Step 4. Follow the prompt and connect your PC or Mac to the Apple TV by using the USB cable it came with. Please note: do not have the power cable connected while doing this step. Wait until the light in front of Apple TV starts flashing quickly and then point the remote in the direction of the device while pressing Menu and Play/Pause buttons for 7 seconds then release.

Step 5. Now watch while iTunes opens and begins the restore process. Wait until this process has completed. Upon completion, iTunes will confirm the successful restore, and now your Apple TV will be jailbroken untethered.

It’s worth noting that after completing the jailbreak Cydia will not be an option for when you browse for cool things to do with your newly jailbroken Apple TV because Cydia has not been installed. Instead, you can browse for other add on’s to enjoy your jailbroken experience with.

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