These are the guidelines to unlocking the Acer Iconia A700 device so you can go on to install a custom recovery and root the device. Once you have the Acer Iconia rooted and equipped with a custom recovery, you can install custom kernels, custom ROMs, root applications, and more.

A custom recovery is what you want if you are hoping to install new custom ROMs on the Iconia device ,and there are some good ones available like the official CyanogenMod ROM made by the real team. Rooting your Iconia device will unchain your internal operating system so you can install more apps also. You can install the ROM Toolbox, Tasker, Xposed, Ad Away, Dumpster, ROM manager and many more. One application we always recommend checking out if you are installing a custom recovery and rooting the device is the NANDroid Manager.

Acer Iconia A700

Files You Need

  1. Set up adb and fastboot on your computer by installing adb and then come back to this guide. See also: ADB for Linux and ADB for Mac.
  2. Unlocking the bootloader on your Acer device will void the warranty. You can always lock that same bootloader on your Iconia A700 device up again and the warranty will work.

How to Unlock Bootloader on Acer Iconia A700

1. Open the folder where you have adb sitting and keep it open.

2. Connect the Acer Iconia A700 to the computer with the USB cable.

3. Hold the Shift key and right-click the mouse inside the adb folder and choose to open a new command window here from the menu.

4. Get ready to type the first command: adb reboot-bootloader

The Acer Iconia A700 will now reboot in bootloader mode. Don’t be alarmed when your display changes on the device.

5. Type the next command: fastboot oem unlock

6. Press the Volume Up button and then choose the Unlock option from the display.

The Iconia A700 should now have the bootloader unlcoked.

7. Restart your device using this command: fastboot reboot-bootloader

In conclusion, that’s all you need to unlock the bootloader on the Acer Iconia A700 device so you can get stuck into some customizing techniques. We already have the guide for you to follow next that will give your device a new recovery and wipe the stock recovery.

You can find out how to install a custom recovery on the Acer Iconia A700 by following that guide. Once the recovery is installed, you can go on to learn how to root the Acer Iconia A700 device.

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