Anyone who previously rooted the HTC Desire 816 device and wants to go back to the stock ROM and maximize the security will want to learn how to unroot the HTC Desire 816.

There are usually a few ways to unroot a device, but the best way is to flash a stock ROM that is made for the device. Stock ROMs have the uncanny ability to flash a stock ROM and recovery at once. You should be able to send it away under warranty after you finish flashing the stock ROM and lock the bootloader.

HTC Desire 816

Furthermore, the stock ROM should fix any minor issues you were having with soft-brick symptoms on the HTC Desire 816 smartphones. When we tinker with an operating system, it’s common to find small problems. Those problems will be fixed when you flash this stock ROM.

Files You Need

  1. Download the stock ROM for the HTC Desire 816 from here.
  2. Download ADB to your computer and read the guide to learn how to set it up before you can back to this guide and finish: ADB for Windows, ADB for Mac OS X and ADB for Linux.
  3. Note that the ADB links above will help install it on the three operating systems, but the commands in this guide are only for the ADB on Windows.

Unrooting the HTC Desire 816 by flashing the stock ROM

  1. Download the stock ROM to the computer, but do not extract the file.
  2. Set up your ADB and then keep the folder open where you have ADB.
  3. Drag the stock ROM file over to your ADB folder so they are in the same directory.
  4. From within your ADB folder, hold the Shift key and right-click the mouse to bring up a new menu. Choose to open a new command window from the menu.
  5. Type the command: “adb reboot fastboot”.
  6. Type the next command: “fastboot oem unlock”.
  7. The HTC Desire 816 smartphone now has the bootloader locked again. All you need to do now is flash the stock ROM to unroot and run the stock recovery.
  8. Disconnect the HTC Desire 816 from the computer and close down your command prompt window.
  9. Re-enable the USB Debugging Mode on the Desire 816.
  10. Connect the Desire 816 to the computer with the USB cable again.
  11. From within your ADB and ROM folder, hold the Shift key and right-click the white background again to bring up the menu and choose to open a new command window here.
  12. Type the first command: adb reboot fastboot
  13. Type the next command: “fastboot flash zip”
  14. As long as you change the file name for your real file name, it will flash the stock ROM and recovery on your HTC Desire 816 device.

In conclusion, that’s how to flash the stock ROM on the HTC Desire 816 to unroot and unlock the bootloader so it’s ready to send it away for free repairs under warranty.

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