These are the instructions to unlock the bootloader on the Wileyfox Swift smartphone using adb commands and a computer running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

Unlocking the bootloader on the Wileyfox Storm smartphone is the first step in customizing your device. Once it’s done, you can then go on to install the Cyanogen recovery, the unofficial TWRP Recovery and get root access on the device using the SuperSU by Chainfire.

Wileyfox Swift

Files You Need

  1. You do not need any files to unlock the bootloader on your Wileyfox Swift device, but you do need to install ADB on your computer so you can issue the adb commands.
  2. Download ADB for Windows operating systems, ADB for Linux operating systems or ADB for Mac OS X operating systems.
  3. Note that our guide only works for Windows. Those with a Linux or Mac computer will probably need different adb commands.
  4. You must backup your data on the Wileyfox smartphone before you start this guide. Unlocking the bootloader on your Swift smartphone does wipe the data and you will need a backup to restore the data later.

Unlocking the Bootloader on the Wileyfox Swift

  1. Start by enabling the Developer Options menu on your Swift smartphone by tapping on the Menu > Settings > About Device > Tap the build number 7 times and it will eventually say that yo uare using the Swift device as a developer.
  2. Enable the OEM Unlock option from the Developer Options menu on your Swift smartphone by tapping on the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > OEM Unlock.
  3. Install the ADB on your computer and it will come with Fastboot.
  4. Open the folder where you have ADB and hold the Shift key and right-click within the folder where it’s an empty space.
  5. Choose to open a new command window from the menu.
  6. Type the following command to unlock your bootloader: fastboot oem unlock
  7. Type the next command: fastboot -i 0x2970 oem unlock-go
  8. Type the last command to complete it: fastboot oem unlock-go

Now you are ready to find out how to install a custom recovery on the Wileyfox Swift smartphone so you can take complete backups with the NANDroid Backup feature, as well as install custom ROMs and recover your device if it needs fixing.

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