Pages+ is a new Jailbreak tweak that lets users adjust each page in the Springboard. Each one of the pages will have its own custom background and custom wallpaper that you choose when you are using the Pages+ tweak. An idea that many jailbreakers will love, especially people who spend quite a bit of time on their devices and get sick of the standard wallpaper to look at. If you can change-up that wallpaper –  in particular to something that you prefer – then why not do it. That’s exactly why Pages+ was created because there is no reason why not to do it other than laziness if you have a jailbroken device.

Pages+ is really easy to set up. Once you have downloaded Pages+ jailbreak tweak it will appear straight away in the devices settings panel. From here you can click on the Pages+ tweak with your finger, and it will bring up a few options for you to choose from. Inside the settings, it’s not just about setting the actual wallpaper, but you can even adjust the tint and brightness and color ratios and all things of that nature.

Pages+ varies from the standard iPhone ability of only allowing to set one background or wallpaper for every page. So if you are into customizing, and further more, creating a background for each individuality page, then you’ll want to get your hands on the Pages+ tweak from ModMyi. These backgrounds are really great quality also, leaving the device with a really great finish. If you do like to keep it simple, you can do that also by choosing from just colors and shades such as black.

You can pick up the Pages+ tweak from the ModMyi Repo for $1.99.

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