Flat Notes is a new tweak brought to you out of Cydia that is designed to make the normal notes app looks and feel more native to iOS 7. When iOS 7 first came out, the notes didn’t change, and it looked out-of-place. It has a textured background on it made to look like paper. With the help of this tweak we can get rid of that wallpaper so that it’s plain white instead, making it look much more accustomed to Apple’s latest software version and keeping it simple.

Other than that, there isn’t much else to say about this one. The rest will look almost identical. It will still have the same golden, yellow tabs as a heading at the top, both of which will state the same things. The font will be exactly the same as before also, so there will be no changes to the text or the text colors.

As long as you have already updated to any of the iOS 7 through to iOS 7.0.4, you can head straight over to the BigBoss repository and get the version 1.0-10 free of charge.

Right now people are wondering is there any reason to jailbreak after the new Evasi0n 7 has been released. To answer this, Winterboard for the latest iPhone 5S hasn’t been updated yet, so that put a lot of people out if they went out to buy the latest handsets Apple released last year. Other than that, I can tell you that there are plenty of reasons to go ahead with the installation. I’m using the iPhone 4S myself and Winterboard is working beautifully. There are many themes that are already compatible and by going into my WB I can then switch them on, re-spring the iPhone and it is working fine. I’ve also trialed some cool new tweaks, and I’m glad I have jailbroken mine already. Just remember you must download the latest version of iTunes, and then factory restore on the latest firmware. This will make sure a smooth installation of the Evasi0n program. If you try to install it after just updating over the air, it can get stuck on the Apple boot logo. The only solution to that problem is by restoring it again anyway so you might as well save yourself the pain and just do it to begin with. This can take a long time depending on your internet speeds so give yourself enough time to get it done. You might want to set aside the better part of the afternoon to finish it all.