For all these months, we have been consistently told that Apple will not hurry to bring out their version of the Smartwatch. Instead, they would rather bring out what they envisioned properly, which is allegedly a far cry from the ones that we have seen today. To back this talk up HTC, have said a similar thing, and that the ones we see now like the Galaxy Gears was rushed out just so that they get first place on the shelves in stores. That seemingly backfired somewhat for Samsung because sales have been very lackluster to date, partly due to poor marketing in our opinion, but that can only be speculated.

There has been rumor allegations that the Cupertino company are struggling immensely to create this iWatch. The rumors have surfaced over the last several weeks and have now popped up again today.

That will be an issue since that this is the same fruit company that always brings out their products once a year and generally at the same time which coincides with the most popular part for American — the big holiday season.

It’s still too early to know how this will fair, but as of today, the constant reports of troubles in development aren’t making the original time frame look very good at all. We all know that it is a company that always meticulously make their products and quality will be the last thing compromised. We sometimes see software playing up, but that’s something that can’t be helped due to its technical nature and is to an extent as a separate entity for the real device itself. If these watches were to come out faulty, that would be devastating.

The last reports we had on the official time frame was October of 2014. This will be around the time that Apple traditionally brings out the iPad’s. A few months earlier over the summer time break is when we usually see the iPhone release. That will stay separate to give as much publicity to the benchmark Smartphones as possible.