The status bar is the bar Apple automatically has run across the top of the iPhone or iPad. This is typically used to see the “status” of things. We can also adjust what we see in here by visiting the settings app and notification center and making some changes. For example, I just put a battery percentage option ticked so that I now can read the percentage instead of just looking at the picture that would vaguely show me what was left. There are a few more similar options available for people to use natively without the need of a jailbreak at all.

The status bar is also a really good place for developers of Cydia tweaks to try to make some changes. This new one called Status Modifier is great because it now gives us two options that Apple did not when they dished out the latest software. The first one is a second display added to the clock, and the last one is the RAM display so that you can see how much your device is using up.

To be fair, both are far from essential tools that we need. Unless you are a marathon runner, nobody really needs to know the exact seconds. And when it comes to RAM, unless you are an advanced user of tech, this won’t mean squat.

That’s not always what it’s about though. Sometimes we just enjoy decking our iPhone’s out with as much cool stuff as we can, and that certainly fits the description here. What some people view as being over crowded, others see as being quite pleasant and beautiful, making the home pages as busy as possible.

If it sounds like something that interests you, it can now be downloaded and installed as long as you have the iPhone 5S running iOS 7. The reason you need the latest 5S is because it requires the 64-bit architecture inside of the mobile for it to work. This might become a lot more common as we head into the future also, as developers look to develop software looking in the future and not now which will soon be the past. It makes sense for them to do it, and it’s something you might want to think about when thinking about which Smartphone you want to buy next.