By now most of us have updated to the latest iOS 7 so we all are familiar with how the keyboard looks when inside of an app. If you don’t have a picture of it inside your head, then just head over to the message application and take a look. When inside you will see that the keyboard is a light gray color with white keys and black writing on them.

Bloard is a jailbreak tweak that lets you change the background into more of a dark gray color instead of the light option that comes standard. The keys will then be a lighter version of gray and the letters on them will be white. It’s basically an opposite contrast to what Apple decided to go with, and in our opinion, it looks really cool. If the fruit company did try this combination out themselves it must have been tough to pick between the two, that’s how good it looks.

Don’t get this confused with the original lock screen, which tends to stick out in people’s minds the most. This is just for unlocking and doesn’t come into play at all for the rest of the user’s experience once they have managed to get access inside of iOS 7. That keyboard looks amazing, and really gives a great impression of what the latest iOS version is really like They keys have a neat-looking electric blue color, which reminds us of the latest tech, and when you press one of the number the entire round area will light up with the same shade.

We love the look of what the Cupertino company has done with the current operating system, but as with most things in life, I tend to get sick of them and love to carry out some change now and then just to spice things up again and give my eyes something fresh to look at. This is the perfect remedy to help with my needs. No matter how good something looks, if you use your Smartphone every day, chances are you too will like to look at something different without having to make a great amount of changes.

The BigBoss repository is where people can download and install this one and remember that you must be jailbroken to have it. Evasi0n was released as an untethered option just the other week (Christmas Day) as a nice surprise. Now we are starting to see some great tweaks to get released that make the most of what Apple has managed to make this year.

Source and Image credit: Redmond Pie