For the most part, there isn’t much to complain about with the newest iteration of iOS, and not many people would argue that as we head into higher digit software numbers, it is also getting better with added features. With that being said, there has been a few known bugs for lack of a better phrase, that have proved problematic enough to drive people up the wall. Furthermore, there is nothing worse than when one of them puts a complete halt to what you need to do because the particular feature you are using now doesn’t work at all.

That’s a good way to describe what some people have experienced with the Bluetooth feature. The issue generally arises on a consistent basis, and for some, it’s so bad that nothing helps to make it work again.

For this, we can reset network settings, and this will also help us out with what we need to make it work again. To get this done, we will need to navigate over to Settings, General, Reset and then Reset Network Settings. That should act as a solution for everybody.

There are also some other things you can try, if for whatever reason, you have no interest in changing the network at this present time. For that we can go over to toggle Bluetooth on and off. This has its own switch and often it is as simple as that.

If you don’t care about jailbreaking or any kind of developing then you should have no reason to update to the latest version of iOS 7.0.4, instead of staying on the older version you are on at the moment. The one exception to this is if you don’t want the 7 at all and you would prefer to stay down on iOS 6, or something like that. If you have the iPhone then all of you guys will get the chance to upgrade automatically, however, it generally only gives people the notification once. That means it could be sitting there waiting to be installed without you knowing. To check if that is the case navigate your way over to settings> General> Software update and if there is something in there, then update it by pressing the button and confirming the process. If there isn’t anything there, then you are probably already up to date.

Bluetooth is paving the way for a lot of technology coming into this year. There will be software for it connecting cars like they have never been before. There was also a wireless charging SoC from Broadcomm that has just come out.

The jump up to the iOS 7.1 is expected to take place really soon. That will also come into the settings app, just like I showed you how to check earlier in the article. If we were to take a calculated guess, we’d say heading into February could bring something new on the firmware front.