As we delve into our new iPhone and iPad software, most of us will continue to be able to work our way around the new software ecosystem. For the most part, things will be similar enough to know what you’re doing, but still there is always going to be some new features included that wasn’t there last time, and to extend that even further, some of those you might not know exist unless you had been informed about them.

Something that has changed in iOS 7 when compared to iOS 6 is how to close the web pages that you have browsed before. Apple has always had a way of keeping these open so you don’t lose what was on the page instead of shutting them automatically. The theory behind that is that it’s more important to make sure you don’t lose anything than it is to be greeted with an opened page on your next visit. That doesn’t change the fact that seeing that page still in existence when you open up Safari again was a nuisance because it is.

If you keep on collecting pages and not shutting any of them, you can quickly gather up a neat little collection that will take up enough of your time to cause a frown. Thankfully, there is a way to avoid this by simply closing them all at once by following this simple procedure.

Shortcut For Closing Webpages In iOS 7

1. Click on the Safari browser application. This will vary in place depending on where you have personally set yours up as. Because I’m using the evasion jailbreak, mines positioned nicely in the row of five down the bottom of my springboard on the front page. I like to keep it there because that’s the browser I like to use the most when viewing from my iPhone.

2. If you look at the bottom right side corner there will be some text that says private. Click on this option.

3. Now you will be presented with three different options, they are: Close all, keep all and cancel. Click on the “close all” option.

All up that’s a total of three easy clicks that don’t need much guidance. It might not seem like much of a shortcut, but if you are anything like me and browse the web a lot, all of this extra time will add eventually to something that was well worth investing in.