Some people are against Smartphones because of the antisocial aspect that they bring. That is well worth an argument, but they also have the uncanny ability to make things easier for us in our daily lives by making things more efficient.

What’s the one hassle about staying at a hotel? We have no choice, but to visit reception and get the key for the room. Will the reception be open? Will you make the check in time? Will you be sober enough to get the key? Do you not want to go and get that key at all? Some people will be answering a no to all of those questions and now, thanks to Starwood Hotels they don’t have to go through any of those things anymore.

Now with the help of an app on your Smartphone all people have to do is hold it up at the door, and it will register who you are, and the door will magically unlock. It makes checking in a breeze and all up, all you really have to do is walk into the room in a normal fashion, and spend a second letting the app register.

While it is somewhat a mystery how one of the smallest hotel companies has managed to carry out this technology first, Starwood is a firm believer that the others will soon follow in their footsteps and install it so that almost everywhere we travel will have this up and running.

It does beg the question how secure is it, and without a proper understanding of what is happening it’s hard to comment. Much like a key change, there is a program built inside that changes the code. This would prevent people from being able to open a door that isn’t for them. The only hard part would be consistently making sure that the same code is displayed on the door and the Smartphone at the same time. As long as the right people are the ones entering the Hotel it won’t create any problems.