Mobile screens are fantastic by nature, because they are such good quality screens. The fact that they are so small aids them in this department, but they still lack some of the features that we have now come to know and love on our other big screens like the TV sets. The one that comes to mind the most is that you have to adjust everything with your hands if you want a change made. Say the screen brightness. If you want it altered to better suit the environment around you there is no automatic adjustment for this. When iOS 7 come along it did make things easier by bringing out the new control center. What that means is that by a simple swipe gesture from the bottom of the screen just about anywhere will result in a quick-screen with some of the most vital settings on it. The brightness or contrast being one of them.

Eclipse is a new Cydia tweak that will enable a night mode so there is no need to go out of your way and constantly do these tasks yourself. This tweak is so cool that there’s a good chance Apple might try to copy what the developers have managed to create here and join it into their own operating system in the future. This is a tactic we have already seen them deploy over the years.

In this case, it’s Guillermo Moran, or the man better known as Fr0st who has come up with this one. It doesn’t just work by simply turning down the lighting either. It will actually go to the trouble of using different shades of gray on areas that once were white and other tricks such as this to create the perfect setting so that nothing hurts your eyes, but yet everything is still easy to read and view like normal.

For just 99 cents, this could go down as one of the all-time best tweaks that has ever been made. It’s been met with rave reviews so far and has grown wildly popular thus far. Most of us are working during the days and spend extra time browsing our Smartphones of a night-time, so it’s no surprise that so many people are using it already.

To access Eclipse and the other options available after purchasing, head over to the Settings > General area, and inside will be where you find it.

A lot of people tend to worry about bugs and things like that, and for that reason, I’ve taken the time to check out several of the big named blogs and searched the comment sections. From what I can see there aren’t any complaints at all. It looks well made. It has been a much-anticipated tweak, and we know the developers have worked on it for a while. Most of the time because of the iPhone is so good with its hardware, springboard crashes and other scenarios are easily fixable within a couple of seconds by just making one simple click.