Hopefully there’s no need to go into how much of a change Apple made when making the jump from iOS 6 to iOS 7 because we have already mentioned it so often in our other posts that if you were a regular reader of our articles you might be inclined to turn away. The differences are clear immediately right from the lock screen where several things have been adapted. If you do a swipe gesture downwards from the top of the screen you will have access to the notification center. That wasn’t possible before. It’s something I don’t use much myself, but it makes sense to give some quick access to the options for all the people who do use it. Making the swipe from the bottom of the screen will bring up the all-new control center, where you can adjust the screen brightness, among other cool options like turning the native torch on and off.

Something you might not have noticed is the status bar appears from the lock screen and the home screen. Because we have to swipe to unlock and then enter in our passwords, it may go unrecognized that the two separate status bars are a different size. With SameStatus that will change and even them out so that both of the bars are exactly the same size.

It’s only a little thing compared to some of the other tweaks we see come out, but it’s also the little things that keep us so interested in doing a jailbreak first. Some people might find this extremely useful, some might not. That’s up to you guys.

Unfortunately, this tweak doesn’t give the option of choosing which one to use. For example, if you want the lock screen to be as big as the home screen font, you can’t do that. It only works the other way around. The developer must have picked which size they preferred and went with that. It would be cool if a separate tweak came out that did the complete opposite and gave users the chance to have it swapped over.