The Opera browser has been updated to version 81.0.4196.11. This update to the Beta channel was released on October 14, 2021.

Opera Beta 81.0.4196.11

Opera Beta 81.0.4196.11 updates the Chromium foundation that it runs on to version 95.0.4638.32. In addition to updating Chromium, some bug fixes have solved several crashes that were occurring, and there is mention of one of the same features that was also listed in the newest Dev build, which is that Reader Mode has been enabled everywhere.

The full official changelog provided by Opera regarding the 81.0.4196.11 release:

  • Update chromium on desktop-stable-95-4196 to 95.0.4638.32
  • Crash at resource_coordinator::TabLifecycleUnitSource::TabLifecycleUnit::OnLifecycleUnitStateChanged(mojom::LifecycleUnitState, mojom::LifecycleUnitStateChangeReason)
  • Enable #reader-mode everywhere
  • Crash when sending text from feedback popup to pinboard
  • Promote O81 to beta
  • Numbers are recognized as emojis
  • Change Yat text in selection popup
  • Show that buttons are clickable in selection popup

There are no comments regarding potential issues surrounding this update as of yet.

To update Opera, open the browser and click on the Opera icon in the top left corner and then click on the Update and Recovery link. The Opera browser will then automatically check for updates. Note that Opera will also update itself in the background when you have the browser closed, so you may find it already updated by the next time you open the browser.

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