Tim Cook hasn’t received much praise for his time as CEO of the iconic Apple brand out of Cupertino, but when you stop and think about it, people’s expectations were far too high. There tends to be this thing where if Tim Cook isn’t managing to create something as inventive as a new iPhone that he isn’t doing his job very well. Those expectations are far too high.

The creation of something like the iPhone is only something that comes around once in a very long time. We aren’t going to have Apple come up with something else that revolutionises the world to the extent that the iPhone did for quite a few years yet. But if we take a look at what the iPhone looks like now (or even the last few iPhone releases) in comparison to what it used to look like when Steve Jobs was around, there’s no question that the iPhone is making tremendous strides. Dare I say I think that Steve Jobs would even be impressed with what he sees today coming from Tim Cook’s leadership.

As much as we tend to think Steve Jobs was incredible–and he was—there are some things that he got wrong. For example, I distinctly remember him holding up one of the older iPhone’s and saying that he doesn’t think the screen needs to get larger. If we compare that screen size and the design o the iPhone back then, he looks a bit silly saying what he did. The design of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7 has been far better than any of the older iPhone’s like the iPhone 4S when Steve was still around. And the added display size has made the iPhone much more than just a device for making phone calls—browsing the Internet from smartphones now is something that we all love doing o these new displays, and they’ve even made the tablet almost obsolete.

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