We finally saw iTunes 11 get released out into the wild a couple of weeks ago after some heavy delays. Now the iTunes software has just received its first update to iTunes 11.0.1. After its first delay it did eventually get released, but it seems perhaps the product was still a bit rushed given that it has received an update already. This new update brings in many bug fixes for iTunes 11 including a few major updates for iCloud and Airplay bug fixes.

One of the bugs that users were reporting with the cloud is that after purchasing an item from the iTunes store, it would fail to show up in the iTunes library. The iTunes 11.0.1 update has managed to fix this problem.

As for Airplay, it has experienced similar problems with buttons and icons not appearing when they should. People often don’t rush out to download the brand new iTunes because it is common for it to be released into the wild with a few bugs which can lead to a lot of confusion with the less tech savvy. If you are a person that falls into this boat, then you will be happy to hear of this latest update to iTunes 11 called iTunes 11.0.1. With this update, you should now feel safe to download the latest iTunes and have a hassle free user experience.

If you are interested in downloading this, it’s easy to do. All you have to do is open iTunes and click on the check for updates tab. This will now pick up on the latest update and install if to your machine for you whether it be either Windows or Mac. The update is available for both.

If you haven’t checked out the new iTunes yet here is a quick debrief on what has happened in the latest instalment:

The main thing with this update isn’t so much what is new but in fact what is gone. With the new iTunes, there are many features that now made redundant by Apple in a bid to improve the user experience. The main one’s worth noting are the iTunes DJ, Gapless playback editor, the de-duper, cover flow, the sidebar that appeared on the right-hand side, quick volume and song progress that could be found in the mini-player.

Apple did not release any official statement on why they decided to part with these features. However, when you download the latest iTunes 11, one thing is for certain. They will no longer be there. So if you were in any of these features and didn’t want to see them disappear, then you ought to take a minute and think if upgrading is the right thing to do now.

In saying that, iTunes 11 does come with a bundle of new features that are also really cool. It is also reported that the iTunes store now has a much simpler navigation, making your shopping easier.

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