Auxo is a brand new Cydia tweak that came out around October time. The Auxo Cydia tweak reinvents the app switcher and is a great tweak. When it came out, however, it did not support IOS 6 or IOS 5.1. With most people running these firmware versions, many were disappointed they couldn’t download the Auxo tweak. Now you can get Auxo for both iOS 6 and iOS 5.1.

No matter the firmware, Auxo is available for $1.99 which may seem expensive, but for what it does in being a completely revamped version of Apple’s app switcher, it is money well spent.

Auxo is different from the stock Apple app switcher for a few reasons. If you are a melody aficionado, then you’ll be interested to know that it lets you have an enhanced music player that even allows you to design the album artwork yourself. But one of the main differences users will notice when getting Auxo’s right away is the ability to see live previews of apps as well as close opened apps by swiping.

For such a great idea, Auxo did have terrible timing coming out into the market. With iPhone users, still waiting for the IOS six jailbreak, it makes this app useless for the time being other than to know, it’s there and ready to go. If you are running IOS 5.1, however, then you can get all the goodness right away.

While, on the topic of Jailbreaks, pod2g opened his Twitter account last night and tweeted that many of his friends have left for Android because of its openness and ability to exploit the firmware. With the latest Apple firmware being harder than ever to exploit, he feels it’s in Apple’s best interest to open up their firmware more before other people leave iOS for Android products. Because of this, Pod2g predicts that 2013 will be the year that we will assuredly see a more open operating system for the Cupertino companies’ software. Here’s to hoping he is right.

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