We all new it was coming today. We all knew it was coming because of the issues that the previous  iOS 6.1.1 was having with pass code security and the infamous exchange bug. After downloading the latest 6.1.2 you can now expect these fixed and your firmware to be fairly problem free.

The pass code security issue was big news. The vulnerability that was exposed in iOS 6.1 meant that anyone could hack an iPhones passcode using the emergency call feature. If exploited anybody called have instant access to your iPhone. If this is news to you, then you will want upgrade to iOS 6.1.2 as soon as possible. The other issue was using Microsoft Exchange, a fairly popular exchange server used by many people around the globe.

This was the official wording from the change log: Fixes an Exchange calendar bug that could result in increased network activity and reduced battery life.

Although issues are common hence why we keep seeing these updates for every firmware version that comes out, there’s no question the current issues such as the pass code vulnerability are issues most of us could do without. If you are one of these people then we encourage you update as soon as possible.

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