You can download iOS 6.0 and 6.0.1 now for all the devices listed below. These download links are official Apple download links coming directly from the Apple site. The fruit companies 6th generation operating system has been available for a while now, almost going for a few months. It released around about the same era as the iPhone 5. The IOS 6.0.1 is a new firmware which brings along many bug fixes with it.

So what does this bring with it if I should choose to download and install it on my device? It’s well-known to have not been a massive update of what we know as Apple’s software. It was more the timing of it that had its name everywhere, and everybody wanted to use it. With that said, there is a handful of neat new features that are well worth a mention.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that satisfy us the most, and when it comes to the device, there is a good reason for that. There is often a simple task that you might do a lot of because it’s so easy. So when you add up all those times, it equals a lot of time spent on it. If we were able to tweak this a bit so that it becomes more efficient for us, or at least more useful, then suddenly we have something well worth talking about here. That is probably the best way, to sum up, what the Cupertino company have managed to do with the new call reminder add-on. Have someone call your iPhone and instead of answering it, do a swipe gesture upwards from the bottom of the screen to test this out. It will now bring in two new options available for you to use. One of them is to set a reminder and even gives the option of choosing how long to wait before it issues an alert. For example, if I swipe I can select two hours, and now my iPhone will inform me in two hours time about that call that I elected not to take. It’s a bit cheeky, but if you’re someone who doesn’t like or talk on a mobile a lot, or you are busy and genuinely don’t have time to answer a lot of the calls that are coming to you, then this will a fantastic inclusion for you.

The choice of whether to update or not is purely up to you. If you wish to update to the 6.0 version, you can do so by following this guide on how to install iOS 6. If you already have iOS 6.0 and are looking to update to iOS 6.0.1, it’s very simple. All you need to do is go to the Settings, General > Software update and from there it will update for you.

Direct Links for all the firmware in question has been given out underneath:

iOs 6.0.1 for iPhones

For iPhone 3GS, 4 GSM (ATT), 4 CDMA (Verizon/Sprint), 4S, 5 GSM (ATT) and the 5 CDMA (Verizon/Sprint)

For iPad’s

For iPad 2 Wi-Fi (Original iPad 2), 2,4 (Current iPad 2), 2 GSM (ATT), 2 CDMA (Verizon), iPad 3 Wi-Fi, 3 CDMA, 3 GSMl, iPad 4 Wi-Fi and the iPad mini.

For iPod Touch

For iPod Touch 4th Gen and the 5th

Direct Links to download iOS 6.0:

For the iPhone:

Download iOS 6 ipsw firmware for iPhone 5 (GSM), 5 (CDMA), 4S, (Global), (AT&T), (Verizon – CDMA) and iPhone 3GS can all be used from the same links given in the earlier models.

For iPad:

Download 6 ipsw firmware for iPad 3 – CDMA, Wifi+3G(GSM), Wifi, CDMA, Wifi+3G (GSM) and the iPad 2 – Wifi

For iPod Touch:

iOS 6 ipsw firmware for iPod Touch 5G and the 4G can also be taken from the same place.

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