The iPhone 5 launched recently, and there’s something about the iPhone 5 that is different to all other iPhone’s before it; that is the screen size. The iPhone 5 screen size is now 4 inches long, which is up from the earlier 3.5 inches.

This difference in screen size means a difference in wallpaper size too! So there has been a nice range of brand new iPhone 5 wallpapers made by a bunch of different designers.

These pictures may seem huge, but your device will automatically cut them down to size for you without you needing to do anything. At this size, we get to see the high-definition quality and the resolution that makes them so great. They have also been slightly shrunken to fit on the page properly because as the standard they were sitting outside of the borders, and that was an issue because it got in the way of the other features and advertisements. The ones shown below the halfway mark on the page will be the proper size because that is out-of-the-way of all our things down there. If you wanted to see how much the difference is, you could take some of the lower pictures and compare them with the ones that are at the top.

To download any wallpaper of your choice:

  • From Computer: Right-click on the image and Save as.
  • From Mobile Device: Tap on the image and save it by holding your finger.

If you find any difficulty in adding a wallpaper, please leave a comment we will be happy to help you.

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