Benm RepoMany people buy a new Apple product, whether it be iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and visit a website that requires Adobe Flash Player. They then try to download flash, but it gives an error message saying this device is not supported and wonder what to do next. Well, the reality is that Adobe Flash does not work for these Apple products, but there is a way round this problem, and that is by using the Flash.

With this jailbreak tweak installed via Cydia, you will be able to install and run Flash player to watch all the video’s you had longed to see that you otherwise couldn’t because they wouldn’t work when you tried. It’s a big debate about why arguably the most major company in technology doesn’t support what video player is, but that’s the way it is and always has been since they started making products dating back to 2007.

Please keep in mind that this is a tweak and after, you will need a jailbroken device for it to work.

How to Install Flash Player on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with Cydia Tweak Frash

1. Open up the app and navigate to Manage => Sources => Edit => Add this repository:

2. A box will now pop up on the screen where you can enter a URL. It should display a message saying Enter Cydia/APT URL. In this field put in this “” without the quotation marks.

3. If it doesn’t work, try taking away the slash at the end of the URL displayed. However, it’s important to note the slash belongs in the web address for it to work, which is why we have it in. After that, you can keep going and add that source.

4. After adding the source inside BENM.AT Repo click on the Menu inside sources and click on the Flash Package. Follow the prompts to continue installing the package. If you got confused, you can just search for Flash using the Search tool and do the same thing.

You will now have it installed and should have no problems viewing flash player content any longer. The app has been known to work very well on iPod Touch and iPad’s with faster processors. It is suitable for any processor, however.

There is another way of introducing the favourite flash player for these devices. However; it is still using Cydia and requires a jailbroken device. It is also not as easy as this way, and you end up with the same thing in the end.