A while back we were all lucky enough to have Siri born in our iOS devices, but it has been a while since Siri has received any update or new life. If you are looking for something new to do with Siri now, you can use Siri as a calculator.

To use Siri as a calculator all you have to do is say the equations exactly how you would write them. For instance, if you want to multiply, then you would use the sum of the number “times” number to find your answer. Same goes with “minus,” “plus” and “divide”. Simply say the number followed by the command, then followed by the number again, and Siri will give you your answer.

The Siri calculator is an advanced too! When announcing a division, Siri will give you an answer as a decimal, followed by as a mixed fraction if permitted. With multiplication sums, Siri will give you any exponents also.

Using Siri to calculate your equations may sound a bit risky, but if you give it a go, you will soon find out that Siri is capable of doing some complicated equations and returning the answer as quick as she normally would for a standard control.

It’s not just the novelty of using Siri as a calculator that has appeal here either. When you use Siri verbally, it eliminates any errors you may have tried in by hand. Sometimes individual keys are hard to find also, and more importantly, at times it’s just not easy to use your hands. In this case with Siri, you won’t need an extra set of hands, just say the math problem to Siri, and you will get your answer.

To use Siri as a calculator, you don’t need to use any extra firmware or download any extra upgrades.It is not a Cydia tweak either. Siri can be used as a calculator regularly; however, most people didn’t know it was possible.

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