Camera+ has always been the go to iPhone camera app for most people, but now you can consider it a clear-cut leader above the competition after its recent overhaul in which it has developed into a mighty fine camera. The Camera+ app update brings it to Camera+ 3.6 now, and there’s a bunch of features to take note of.

Firstly, let’s talk about the brand new framing that is updated. This framing brings in a better correct frame, making photos turn out exactly how you see them, which wasn’t possible before without some automatic adjusting after you get to know your phone, or with advanced features like viewfinder cropping. View Finder cropping was great, but now you don’t even have to bother about spending any extra time at all with your photos. That update in itself is cool, but it doesn’t end there.

While on the same theme of photo image accuracy, there’s also a new feature called the horizontal level feature. This new feature actually gives you a split level type scenario you can pinpoint, what straight up and down is, making your photos 100% straight instead of having to guess and most likely be a bit out.

These updates are great and will help make any amateur seem much more professional, but it doesn’t stop there either.

The next new feature on the Camera+ app worth a mention is the live exposure feature. If you aren’t that knowledgeable about photography and have no idea what that means well look at it like this. In the settings you now get a real-time display of the ISO and shutter speed change time, so you don’t have to be an expert and know all of this already.

For anyone that has used Photobooth on a Mac then you may have already used this next feature before, but it’s entirely new to the Camera+ app. The feature I’m talking about, of course, is called a flash of sorts. As the name suggests, flash of sorts makes the screen go white for a second before the photo is practised in a darkened room, in turn, lighting up the surrounding area creating a better picture before the real shutter is released.

If all that sounded exhausting, I apologise, but more importantly, it isn’t when you try it in life. Everything is set out really nicely, and I’ve been told it’s remarkably straightforward to use and understand.

This is the official statement released with the update taken from the Camera+ blog:

“I’ve been on a bit of a “hiatus” with Camera+ for the past several months, but starting with this update, I’m now back in the driver’s seat for both the iPhone and iPad versions of the apps. And the development team, we now have in place is stronger and more driven than ever.

One of the things that we’re striving for is parity between both versions of the apps and we’ll be making a lot of progress toward that goal in the upcoming releases of Camera+.”

Other things worth noting in this Camera+ 3.6 app update are various bug fixes. If you did notice a bug in an earlier version, it’s probably gone now so update to this version. There’s still some other smaller improvements with this app, and you will be getting a much-improved camera all up.

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