The iPhone 5 has only been out for a matter of weeks, but already some leaked images appeared online thanks to etradesupply. The images they uploaded display a new iPhone shell as well as many changes to the iPhone logic board.

The shell doesn’t seem too different from what we have already, but the new logic board could mean that Apple has come up with a way of running things internally better. Or they could even be making way for a new part to cram inside.

In recent times, Apple has made their intentions clear by rolling out new products quickly, but this new iPhone might be on its way early for another reason. There has been lots of talk about Apple release 50,000 of these new iPhone’s to give some extensive testing to the product before they release it. If deemed accurate, then it seems to fit very well with the leaked images that show drastic changes to the logistics board inside their new iPhone. Whenever significant changes like these develop, trials and testings are paramount to make sure they get rid of any problems that naturally arise from changes.

There is no confirmation of the authenticity of the leaked images, nor will there ever be. However, we have seen in recent times that these leaked images are very much spot on the money more so than not. With technology being the way it is these days, it’s very easy for a person or employee to take a quick happy snap of what’s in front of them in a matter of seconds. Making it almost impossible to control, which is why we have seen such an excellent strike rate in leaked images lately. For this reason, don’t be surprised if what you are looking at is 100% the real deal.

The leaked images are not a sign of a new iPhone being released anytime soon though, so don’t be afraid of going out and purchasing an iPhone 5 if you think that a new one will be out any day. As quick as Apple has been rolling out their products, you can still expect the iPhone being dubbed the iPhone 5S to be a few months away still.

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