When it comes to Jailbreaking the Apple TV, Seas0nPass is always the ticket. Now, not long after the Evasi0n jailbreak was released for all other iOS devices, Seas0nPass have taken advantage of the very same exploit to get the untethered jailbreak for Apple TV.

The catch – if you can call it that – is that the Seas0nPass 5.2 jailbreak is for the older second generation Apple TV only. This is also the reason why shoppers can see an abundance of the second gen Apple TV selling today instead of the third generation which has been on the market for almost a year already.

Amazing numbers, and a sure sign of just how popular jailbreaking is becoming. It’s one thing to say you’ve heard of jailbreaking, but to witness such a notion of sales is very promising for the whole understanding of the process. Furthermore, if you check out sales online, you can observe the price inflation of the second gen Apple TV because of this same reason. The second gen Apple TV is in high demand purely because of the jailbreak capabilities – something that has still kept a smile on my face to this second.

There hasn’t been a hurried inflation, with Seas0nPass being available in the tethered state for quite some time already. A tethered jailbreak—meaning it will need to be booted into a jailbroken state again after shutting down. This tethered jailbreak was enough goodness to cause the price changes. Now, it will be interesting to see what happens after today since the untethered Seas0nPass 5.2 jailbreak has been released.

To Jailbreak Apple Tv 5.2 untethered using SeasonPass, you can follow the guide we have here. This guide is an old guide, but it follows the same procedure to get the new Jailbreak.

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