If you are an avid movie fan and still haven’t come across the website, Movifone during your online travels, I highly recommend checking it out. It along with Redbox are the only two sites a movie lover needs.

If it’s really new stuff you are looking for along with up-and-coming movies that aren’t released yet, then MovieFone is the webs site you want to browse. After hearing the name used in one of the best comedies of 2012, 30 Minutes Or less, that is all the clarification one needs. All jokes aside, it is a good site.

Beyonce red carpet Moviefone


What once was a phone service, has now become just a great place to review movies and catch up on all the latest news around the showbiz scene, and that’s basically why it has now found its way over to Google TV.

Now you can check out the previews, show times, release dates, trailers, news and more from your sofa.

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