Alicia Keys had different ideas when she sang this world is on fire then the Amazon TV fire, but Amazon is firm believers that they are about to set the world alight with a self-proclaimed TV set top box unit that is 3 times more powerful than its competitors. So just what are those competitors? There’s the little dongle which we call Chromecast, the Google TV and the prestigious Apple TV.

For $99, Amazon has a new streaming service that offers instant movies and television just to name a few and all new Amazon Instant video is named for doing just that. That is a cheap price for a brand new TV streaming Hulu Plus, Netflix and Youtube, but will it sell well?

My guess is that it will not. Amazon is well known for selling bargains and that has bolstered them into being a highly profitable powerhouse and the largest online retailer in the world. However, when it comes to manufacturing, people want quality, reputation, and above all, something that comes from a popular brand name. On paper having equipment that eliminates many of the annoyances in today’s TV software as lagging, text-input and slow controls is a great way to start and it is quad-core processor and dual-band WiFi show how much is under the hood. But let’s not forget that this is reportedly going to be the year that Apple and Google both focus on the television side of things and dramatically improve what they are doing.

We are predicting that, in the coming months, the Cupertino guys will produce something that outclasses this by Amazon and a by long way. Wherever Apple is Google is not too far behind. In short, this could seem like a good deal now, and price-wise it could continue to be if the other manufacturers come out with expensive prices, but you may be wishing you waited a while longer before rushing out to devote your television life to this offering.

Pros: If you are a fan of the show 24 there is all 8 seasons being featured, the 24 Redemption movie and 24: Live Another day during 2014 when released.

Cons: Its time sitting in number one position will be short lived.