If you thought the Samsung galaxy Note 3 already had the Android 4.4.2 update installed you would be correct. This build is a newer version of it called N900PVPUCNC5 and it could be in your settings right now without you even realizing it.

We are hearing reports of users not being notified of this update and people randomly checking manually by going to Settings > General > System Update > Update after reading about the news of the Android N900PVPUCNC5 4.4.2 KitKat update existing. We highly advise you follow the same procedure and check if it is ready to be installed for you.

If you have updated your Note 3, please leave a comment and let us know of any possible changes you have noticed to the operating system. Sprint has listed WiFi Calling as the lone feature available in this build, but there is also usually some bug fixes and extra stability provided in every firmware released so we’d be surprised if it weren’t that way again.

What is WiFi calling?

Now pre-loaded on the Note 3 will be a smart WiFi application which aims to give better mobile phone coverage by using the WiFi. It will not help to boost your mobile tower coverage, but there is a WiFi signal? In these places, the WiFi calling will connect you to that available phone reception so that you can still do your important tasks like sending text messages, make calls and check emails in the critical times when your mobile reception is letting you down.

The initial 4.4.2 update brought it much faster speeds, white icons in the status bar, improved multitasking, much improved battery life, tap and pay support and much more.