Sometimes, when we copy files from our computer to a memory card or USB, then we get some errors, like “Cannot copy filename. The disk is write protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk.”

When this problem occurs, we can’t do anything. We try to format the USB and still get errors. So to solve this problem, here I am providing you a trick. This method will help you copy files from your computer to memory card or USB. The method begins here:

How to Solve the “cannot copy” File Error in Windows

Step 1: Go to Start>>Run OR press Win Key+R, this will open RUN dialog box.

Step 2: Now in this box, type Regedit, this will open Registry Editor.

Step 3: In Registry Editor, Go to


Step 4: Right click in the empty area and click New>>Key.

Step 5: Give it the name StorageDevicePolicies .

Step 6: Now, right click on StorageDevicePolicies . and select New>>DWORD.

Step 7: Give it name WriteProtect. And set its value to 0.

All the things have been done. Now, restart your computer and try to copy files again. This time, you won’t get any errors.

Do share if you ever had any file copy problems.

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