Google Chrome is no doubt the best and fastest web browser ever made. With lots of inbuilt functions and it can be more expanded using the extensions available in the Chrome store, you can use it as a multi-functional tool.

On the other hand, URL shortening is now becoming popular these days. Where space is a problem, these services help you shorten your long links into short links, making them more user-friendly.

To shorten URLs, you have to visit the URL shortening site and do the work there. But in Google Chrome web browser, there’s a way to do it more easily. In this, an extension comes handy.

ChromeMUSE – Chrome Extension

ChromeMUSE is a multi-URL shortening and expanding extensions which help you to make URL shortening easier. It can shorten the URL for any webpage you are visiting. Therefore you do not need to visit the URL shortening site to make the short link. Additionally, you can expand the shortened URL with this extension. It expands short URLs and shows the target site title in the tooltip. The great thing about this extensions is, it supports almost all the URL shortening services including,, TinyURL, etc. You can also use your accounts with these services to track the URLs. It also supports the AJAX based websites like Twitter, where there’s no need of a refresh to get the latest updates.

This extension has been removed from the Web Store.

You can search the Chrome Web Store for more extensions, though.

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