Shazam is a mobile phone application developed by Shazam Entertainment Ltd, and the app is available for Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile and Blackberry. The application lets you identify music that is being played around the application. The application was able to acquire instant accept form users around the globe, and this triggered the search for Shazam for PC Free Download online as well.

Following are the features of the application that you would love about it.

Easy to identify music: Shazam will help you identify music that is from songs and videos. You need to play the music that you need to determine while the application is running on your system.

Watch videos on YouTube: The application will let you watch videos that are identified on YouTube. You can use LyricPlay to sing along with the streamed lyrics.

Customize your preferences: Shazam will let you preview and save your favorites to play whenever you want to.

Social Media Broadcasting: You can share everything that you searched through Shazam with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You can also see what your friends are sharing as well.

Now these exciting features should compel you to get Shazam for PC and if you do not know how to read on!

How to get Shazam for PC Free Download

Since Shazam is developed for mobile phone platforms, you will not be able to get Shazam for PC Free Download directly onto your PC. You require the BlueStacks application that will act as a platform for Shazam to run on your PC. You can get more details on how to install BlueStacks on your PC from our guide.

There are two simple methods to get Shazam for PC Free Download, and both are explained below.

Method 1: With the help of BlueStacks and internet

Make sure that your interconnection is active and open the BlueStacks from your desktop. Type “Shazam for PC Free Download” on the search box that you see on the application and BlueStacks will search the web for “Shazam for PC Free Download” and install the same on your computer. You will get a prompt when the installation procedure is completed on your PC. An icon for the application will be accreted on the application menu of BlueStacks, and you can open the game from the icon that is created.

Method 2: With the help of Shazam apk file

You need to have the Shazam apk file on your PC. If you don’t, download Shazam apk file from Google play store. After download, open the same with BlueStacks that is already installed on your PC. The BlueStacks will require your permission to run the apk file on your PC. Once you give the permission, BlueStacks will carry out the installation process and will intimate you once the process is completed. An icon will be created on the application menu of the BlueStacks, and you can launch Shazam from this icon.

It is sure that once you get Shazam for PC Free Download, you will sure enjoy the application and love to share everything that you Shazam with your friends.

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