Everyone knows Google Chrome, the fastest web browser from the Google, Inc. Equipped with the WebKit engine from Apple, it is a lightweight web browser. It can be used as a replacement for the other browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

The Google Chrome Web Browser has brought faster web page loading, which I think, beats all the other web browsers. Additionally, there are many extensions available for the Google Chrome which let you use the browser at its best level. Extensions allow you to get the maximum benefit of the browser, adding extra features to your web browser and simplifying your work on the Internet.


Advantages Of Using Google Chrome

1. Google Chrome is a lightweight web browser.

2. It loads web pages very quickly than any other web browser.

3. It allows you to search directly from the Address bar.

4. It can save the site passwords and retrieves them when required.

5. It blocks pop-ups from the sites; you may change settings for a particular site whether to allow popups or not.

6. Extensions are available in an extensive collection with a lot of categories.

7. Being an open source project, it’s available for free and can be expanded by the developers using the source code.

8. It has security features which make your web-surfing secure.

9. Beautiful themes allow you to change the look of your browser.

The above advantages will inevitably force you to use the Google Chrome Web Browser. The Google Chrome is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Here is the short guide on How to Install Google Chrome on your PC.


First of all, Download the Google Chrome Web Browser from the official website. You will get a downloader file (about 500 KB of size), which will download the full version of the Google Chrome Web Browser.

When the download finishes in the downloader, it will install on your PC and then you can start using the Google Chrome browser. See the Google Chrome category for more tricks and tips.

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