There are so many beautiful themes available for the Google Chrome web browser. The chrome store itself has hundreds of stylish and good looking themes. You can apply any theme of your choice, as the web store consists of almost all types of themes, be it a movie theme or abstract, you will get everything you want.

Downloading and installing a Chrome theme is not difficult and it can be accomplished very easily. You just have to click on the download link of any chrome theme file, and as soon as the download completes, you will see the theme applied on your browser with a fresh look.

After using some of the themes in your web browser but still if you are not satisfied with them all, then you can always return to the original theme of the Google Chrome web browser. Getting back to the old theme of the Chrome browser is easy, but there is no shortcut available, nor the menu shows to do it. So, if you want to revert to the original Google Chrome theme, which is, of course, a good looking theme along with simple design. Follow these steps to get the original theme of your Chrome web browser applied.

Open Google Chrome web browser and then click on the Wrench Icon followed by Options. Wrench Icon is the icon which appears at the top-right corner of the browser, which has the options for all the features of the browser.

After going to Options, you will see three sections on the left side of the browser, just click on the Personal Stuff. It will show you the options to personalize your browser.

At the end of the Personal Stuff page, you will find a button called Reset to default theme, just click on it and you will instantly see the original theme applied to the browser.

That was a simple task, and any novice user could do it easily. Above steps will make it easier to get the original theme of the Chrome browser.

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