While browsing sites on Internet, we open many tabs together and switch to them one-by-one to read the web pages opened in them. But, as you open more sites, it uses the more bandwidth of your Internet connection and thus decreases the speed of the same.

Sometimes, while in a hurry, you may want to read an outstanding article on a site, then you might bookmark it. Filling your bookmarks with these temporary sites is nothing than increasing clutter in the bookmarks.

What if you could have an option that saves the list of such temporary web pages that are meant to be read later. Fortunately, there is an extension available for Google Chrome, which allows you to do such thing. The Chrome extension called Read Later Fast lets you save the links of the pages that you want to read later.

Read Later Fast is a Chrome extension available in the Chrome web store. It allows you to save the links to the web pages, which you do not want to read now and want to have access to them at a later time. When you install the Read Later Fast extension in your Chrome browser, you will find an additional option in your right-click context menu labeled Read Later.

When you are on any webpage and want to save it for later reading, then just right click on any blank area of the web page and choose the option Read Later from the context menu and it will be saved to a list. Later, you can access all the web page links which you had saved using the Read Later option.

Download: Read Later Fast for Google Chrome

It comes useful when you want to save web page links without much cluttering your bookmarks, which have some important sites links.