The Google Chrome browser is becoming more and more popular. Last but not least because of the many free extensions that add functionalities and make the browser more fun to use. But which ones are must-have extensions for Google Chrome? A top-five list was already introduced on GeekListen, here is an alternative selection:

Chrome Adblock Plus

Firefox users know this one: With more than 125 million downloads, Adblock Plus is the most popular browser add-on in the world. It is now finally available for Chrome as well and can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Webstore. Once installed it blocks banners and other annoying ads automatically so you can surf the web without distractions.

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome is still in beta but already works stable and reliable. Only the user interface does not yet offer the same functionalities as the Firefox version.

Web of Trust (WOT)

The web is full of untrustworthy websites. The WOT plugin keeps you safe from visiting them by displaying a warning message whenever you are trying to access a page with a low trust ranking. This ranking is based on the ratings of the community. The members of the WOT community have rated millions of websites regarding their child safety, vendor reliability, privacy and general trustworthiness.

Turn Off the Lights

Do you like watching web-videos? Often, the websites videos are embedded in have a distracting design or are placing annoying animations or ads directly next to the video you are trying to watch. Turn Off the Lights is a useful solution – just click on the icon next to your address bar, and you can “turn off the lights” in your browser, meaning that everything will fade dark except the video.

Many video websites like and multiple formats (Flash, HTML5) are supported.

Facebook Photo Zoom

The Facebook Photo Zoom extension is one of the most downloaded plugins from the Chrome Web Store. It offers a more convenient way to view images on Whenever you hoover the mouse over a zoomable profile picture or album photo, you can zoom on the image without having to click on it.

Angry Birds

The most popular games on smartphones can be played as well directly in your Google Chrome browser. All you need to do is to install this free app, and you can play Angry Birds, the game in which you have to shoot birds at alien pigs and monkeys via a catapult.